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New Business Establishment

Decide what you want, Decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and commence the journey. MCS has potential to undertake rest.

Working Capital Management

"Money is always eager and ready to work who is ready to employ it" You investment is rolling over business flatform, therefore it is important to manage the WC cycle without destruction to foreseeable future of business.

Eventual Cash Flow Management

Time of Cash income and Cash outgo comes down to the operating cycle of your business. Eventually, you won't pay attention to your business CF next minute entire effort may collapse having no indication.

Analytical Review of Financials

Financials gives you the result of past effort and it indicates you what it is the appropriate financial decision should you conclude to achieve the success. MCS may help you to review the significant and sensitive Financial numbers of your entity and investment perspective entities.

ERP Implementation and Migration

Traditional business principles would not be surveyed in today's world. if you intend to drive your business to long run definitely require to interact with computerizing environment. MCS has the expertise to develop your customized system. " Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection "

Support Consulting

Drop us detail description about your Business matter, will get back to you within 24 hours.

CKD Consulting Service for Rehabilitate Business EntitiesL

Individual and SME business natures experience the downstream economic distress and unforeseeable future of the Organization, we will help you to overcome the existing issues and rehabilitate your entity to achieve success.
"Our fashion is to celebrate success and invent market leaders"

  • New Business Establishment
  • Working Capital Management
  • Eventual Cash Flow Management
  • Analytical Review of Financials
  • ERP Implementation and Migration
  • Support Consulting

We are the first and trusted Business Consulting company in your city. The best service is our goal.

We’re also experts at finding the sweet spot between Google’s guidelines and what is commercially right for you. We have progressive theories on search as a tool for retention of customers, not just for acquisition.


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