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Agribusiness is highly entrusted operational model which could generate the long-lasting wealth/return in the medium and long term. However, it is an art that needs to experiment and develop new knowledge to Agri market to survive for the long run.

Export of Traditional Agri Products

Sri Lanka(Ceylon) has an increasing demand for their traditional Agri product in the world market. Therefore it is privilege for an investor to commence business flat form to fulfill demand of consumers around the world. We make sure to supply a quality product to our global consumers to maintain country value and national dignity.

Education Service

The traditional way of education techniques is being desperately unpopular within the student's group today. Whereas our traditional values should rephrase among the local childhood along with discovering new knowledge to produce a complete segment of young intelligent to our future.

Hospitality & Tourism for S&M Onterprenanors

One of the growing industry in today's world and Sri Lanka become much popular touring destination in South Asia being nominated by Tourist Rating Authorities. Touring and residing is a fashion need to blow your visitor with the value-added package which uncomparable with other operators.

Government Trading Entities

To maintain the competitive benefit and control the unethical competition in the consumer market it is essential to protect our Government own trading entities to the future generation. There are plenty of examples around the world to experience high return from Government trading Institutes within the competitive market.


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